Tallis Ritual

Dear TBA Davveners,

I hope you enjoy my YouTube video giving over some teachings and a lovely Sephardic melody for the sections of our wonderful tallis ritual.

With the Psalm verses that surround the actual blessing formula, we have a meditation that can, in a very short time, help us contact our inner depths in preparation for our ensuing avodat halev (service of the heart – prayer) and/or further meditations.

I hope this melody for the full texts surrounding the actual donning of the tallis will be an ongoing blessing for you.

The three-part ritual, as found in our Sim Shalom siddur, pages 3-4, is:

  1. The Barkhi Nafshi verses
  2. The Tallis Blessing Lehitatef Batsitsit
  3. The Ma Yakar verses

All praise to THE ONE,

Cantor Richard