Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, Simchat Torah Services

Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, Simchat Torah:

  • Sukkot 1st Day service on Tuesday, Sept 21st  will begin at 9:30am in the sanctuary. Virtual service can be found at our site: Https://
  • Shemini Atzeret with Yizkor service on Tuesday, Sept 28th will begin at 9:30am in the sanctuary. Virtual service can be found at our site: Https://
  • Simchat Torah Family Service on Tuesday, Sept 28th will begin at 6:00pm with Dancing and a chocolate treat!
  • Simchat Torah Service on Wednesday, Sept 29th will begin at 9:30am in the sanctuary. Virtual service can be found at our site: Https://

Services at TBA–Minyan, Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat Services




We are opening our services to a limited number of members. Masks must be worn at all times with social distancing and a waiver must be signed before attending. Contact the TBA office for the waiver.

All services are available on YouTube at:

  • KABBALAT SHABBAT: Friday night at 6:15 PM   Kaddish names will be read toward the end of the service
  • SHABBAT MORNING SERVICE: Saturday morning 9:30 AM  Kaddish names will be read toward the end of the service.





On hold due to covid-19, will return when safe–TBA works at CityTeam Oakland

A wonderful volunteer opportunity awaits you at CityTeam Oakland, open to all congregants ages 14 and older. CityTeam is an organization that works in the Bay Area to provide drug rehabilitation services for those in need. Part of the recovery program is to provide meals for the homeless. Temple Beth Abraham has committed to send up to 6 people the 4th Sunday of every month from 5-7pm to help the individuals in the Rehab program prepare and serve dinner to the homeless. Please come out and join us The link below will allow you to sign up.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me or better yet go to services this Saturday to hear their representative speak.

Bryna Ross

Gan Shalom Cemetery-TBA section: S’dei Avraham – Field of Abraham

Gan Shalom Cemetery is located at 1100 Bear Creek Rd, Martinez/Briones, CA 94553.  The cemetery is  owned and operated by Sinai Memorial Chapel Chevra Kadisha, a non-profit Jewish cemetery service. The cemetery offers traditional ground burials, family sections, a cremation urn garden, and an on-site chapel. It allows for flush grave markers and memorial benches.

More information can be found at:

Our Congregational section is called S’dei Avraham – Field of Abraham

To reserve a plot contact Sinai Memorial Chapel in Lafayette 925-298-3636.  

Transfer Stock to Temple Beth Abraham-click here for details

Thank you for thinking of TBA…

To transfer stock from your brokerage  to TBA account:

Firm Name:        Morgan Stanley 1999 Harrison Street Suite 2200 Oakland, CA 94612

Account Number:   030-119550

DTC Number:    0015

Account Name:   Congregation Temple Beth Abraham

Please email the Executive Director at of the stock and date of transfer.

Thank you!

Descriptions of the Temple Beth Abraham Funds-Click here for a list

Donation Funds

Temple Beth Abraham General Fund

The General Fund was established to accept donations that will directly impact the General Budget of the congregation. Donations to this fund will support the day-to-day operations including; the programs of Bet Sefer, Gan Avraham, synagogue salaries, and buildings and grounds,, membership outreach, our efforts in Tikkun Olam, Adult Education and religious observance programs.


Leonard Quittman Endowment Fund

This fund was established in 1976 to ensure the long-term financial health and stability of TBA. It is funded primarily through the annual High Holy Day Appeal, bequests and special lifetime gifts. This fund is administered by the Board of Trustees and all money is held separately from the general accounts of TBA.

The Endowment Fund historically is managed for the synagogue’s financial future and provides income that can be made available to fund special initiatives, especially those directed at the congregation’s long-term growth and stability, meet unforeseen emergencies, and support the synagogue’s current needs. This fund was renamed in 2003 to honor Leonard Quittman (of blessed memory) for his tireless efforts in creating this fund to ensure that TBA survived for future generations.


Rabbi Bloom Discretionary Fund

Donations to this fund are used to support the community of TBA and the greater Jewish community at the discretion of Rabbi Bloom.


Bet Sefer Discretionary Fund

Donations to this fund are disbursed by the Education Director. Funds are used to support the programs at the Bet Sefer and other educational needs.


Gan Avraham Discretionary Fund

Donations to this fund are disbursed by the Gan Avraham Directors. Funds are used for the support of the Gan Avraham program.


Kiddush Fund

Donations to this fund are used to subsidize our unsponsored weekly Kiddush Luncheons that are shared by the congregation after Shabbat morning services and other items that are used to enjoy our Kiddush weekly.


Morning Minyan Fund

Donations to this fund support the morning minyan by providing additional prayerbooks and breakfast for those attending minyan. The minyan fund has sponsored various Shabbat morning Kiddush luncheons and Congregation events with the agreement of those attending Morning Minyan.


Murray Davis Courtyard/Next Big Thing Building Fund

Donations to the fund are being used toward our current campus improvement.  We have just finished a project that included: demolition of the house at 333 MacArthur and replaced with a courtyard, build out of the social hall with gathering space on the balcony, new kitchen with added space, play area and connections through out the facility for easy of movement around the campus.  The Murray Davis Courtyard is named for a wonderful friend and member.


Prayerbook Fund

Donations to this fund assist in purchasing prayerbooks, chumashim and machzorim for the congregation.


Rabbi Ralph DeKoven Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund

This fund provides scholarships to students whose families are in financial need and wish to attend a Camp Ramah program.  Submissions to the committee can be submitted to the Rabbi of the congregation.


Yom HaShoah Fund:

This fund was established in memory of loved ones whose lives were cut short in the Holocaust. This fund supports educational programming relating to the Shoah at Temple Beth Abraham and throughout the community.


Jack and Mary Berger Fund:

Education of young people was of paramount importance to Mary and Jack Berger. This fund was established to foster the love of learning.


Celia and Morris Davis Hunger Fund:

Celia and Morris Davis were founding members of Temple Beth Abraham and welcomed people into their home as well as the synagogue. They were known throughout the community for their kindness in assisting those in need. In memory of their generosity of spirit, this fund was established to help feed hungry and needy people in the community in which the Congregation is located.


Herman Hertz Israel Scholarship Fund:

In honor of the Herman Hertz Family commitment to both Israel and Education, this fund provides scholarships to TBA graduates who have completed either 4 years of classes in the TBA Teen programs or who have celebrated their Bar or Bat Mitzvah in the synagogue. A scholarship is offered to assist in the travel to or live in Israel for a period of time.


Mollie Hertz Interfaith Outreach Fund:

This fund was established to honor Mollie Hertz and her efforts to welcome and include all people who are “Karov Yisrael” (one who is close to Israel) into the Temple Beth Abraham community. The purpose of this fund is to support the efforts of spouses and partners of Temple Beth Abraham members to increase their knowledge and appreciation of Judaism, and to reach out to other individuals who wish to learn more about Judaism.


Jack and Jeanette Jeger Kitchen Fund:

This fund was set up by Jack Jeger z”l in memory of Jeanette Jeger z”l who spent much of her time in the kitchen preparing a meal for the members of TBA. The proceeds of this fund will be used for the sole purpose of improving the kitchen of TBA. Jack Jeger was also a loved member of TBA always giving support and love to his friends and the congregation.  They are both missed by many.


Danielle and Deren Rehr-Davis Teen Fund:

The purpose of this fund is to sponsor or support activities for the benefit of persons between ages of 14 to 20 who are members of TBA, and of other Jewish persons ages 14 to 20 in the local community. For example , distributions may be made for expenditures relating to: Congregation-sponsored programming and functions designed for teens; security for teens participating in Congregation or community sponsored events; dances; guest speakers; Shabbat Kiddush gatherings; outings; programs to foster the health and well-being of teens; services in support of disabled teens; support for B’nai Brith Youth Organization functions; support for confirmation classes and/or ceremonies; support for brother/sister programs with other synagogues; assistance for foreign exchange students.


Harold Rubel Memorial Music Fund:

Harold Rubel had a love of music. He sang in his synagogue choir in New York and organized cantorial concerts for his community. This fund was established in Harold’s memory to foster a love of music in the Temple Beth Abraham community.


Rosebud and Ben Silver Library Fund:

Ben and Rosebud Silver were dedicated to learning through literature. This fund was established to further the ideals of literacy by creating and maintaining the synagogue’s library and religious texts.


Sam Silver Playground Fund:

Sam Silver adored children and as a testament to this love the family of Sam Silver established this fund. This fund maintains and improves our TBA playground for use by both children of TBA and Gan Avraham students.


Leo and Helen Wasserman Educational/Cultural Fund:

Leo and Helen Wasserman were great leaders of our congregation and community. Helen was president of many organizations. Leo was president of Temple Beth Abraham and served on many community boards. This fund was established to underwrite special educational and cultural events at Temple Beth Abraham.


Pola Silver Teen Holocaust Education Trip Fund: 

This fund was created by Cheryl Silver and her children on the occasion of Alan Silver’s 60th birthday.  The fund honors Pola Silver, Alan’s mother and Holocaust survivor, along with honoring Alan’s volunteering work with AZA as an advisor for many years.  The fund will provide some financial assistance to help TBA teens who wish to go on programs like the March of the Living program.

It would be an honor to establish a new fund in honor or in memory of a loved one. Simply contact the Rabbi or the Executive Director for details.