Summer Literacy Program


Summertime brings the delight of warmer weather (usually), less stress, fun, and travel but it can also be a time where much of the wonderful learning of the school year is lost.

We want to make sure our students know that Judaism is learned and practiced all year long. So we have designed some activities to keep Jewish practice in the forefront of our lives.

We have several programs. For our youngest students (those who just finished Mechina, Alef and Bet), we have the Fill in the Torah Chart form and the book reports. Each time these students do something that is Jewish, they can fill in a square on the Torah chart.

Examples of activities that qualify include saying a bracha, attending services, going to a Jewish museum, reading a Jewish book, saying the bedtime Shema and giving tzedakah.

In addition, these students have to read (or have read to them) 5 books with a Jewish theme and do a book report (really, just draw a picture about the book). When the form and all five book reports are turned in at the start of the year, the student is invited to a cupcake decorating and eating party during Bet Sefer hours.

For our 4th through 6th grade students, we have a different program. All 3rd through 5th graders have vocabulary lists each year. The goal is that the students will be able to translate the words on their list so that they are better able to understand the prayers that they learn in Bet Sefer. Each Fall, students are given a test to see how well they have retained the words learned in the previous year.

This is the 4th year of our Mila-a-thon project. During the summer, students get pledges from friends and families. Then, when they return to school in the Fall, students take the vocabulary test. For each word that they get correct, the sponsor would pay them a set amount of money. All of the money collected for each class goes into a fund. Each of these classes will then take the money to a local grocery store and buy food to donate to the Alameda County Food Bank. (BTW, we’ll need drivers for our shopping field trips!)

Finally, students who get an 80% or higher in the Mila-a-thon vocabulary test will be invited to their own cupcake party in the Fall.

Check out the forms linked below so that your child can participate.

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Have a wonderful summer and don’t be a stranger!

Fill in the Torah Chart
Book Report Form