Meet Our Gan Avraham Preschool Faculty






Marta Molina (Co-Director): This is my 17th year at Gan. I was born in Santiago Chile. This work brings me true pleasure. Every year we grow and learn more. I love music, especially the Beatles and have been lucky enough to win free tickets to incredible shows in the Bay Area.




Jill Rosenthal (Co-Director): This is my 13th year on staff at Gan Avraham and my 5th year as Co-Director..quite hard to believe! Being part of the Gan community fills my soul with tremendous gratitude and joy. I am most proud of the work our staff has done over the last several years, focusing on our core Jewish values that guide our work with children, parents and families. When not working, I love singing, exploring the beautiful sites of the Bay Area, cooking, walking my dog, Barney and hanging out with my husband, Steven and our two sons, Ethan (a sophomore in college) and Leo (a college grad who lives in NYC).  Fun fact: I am in the Guinness Book of World Records-I was one of many women who collectively nursed their babies at the same time in one place (a theatre in Berkeley)!




Stephanie B (Administrative Assistant): Hello! I feel very lucky to have found Gan Avraham, a special place filled with learning, exploring and love. My favorite parts of the day are saying my hellos and goodbyes to the Gan students and families. I love hearing the children’s laughter while I am working in my role as administrative assistant. When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our daughter, watching movies, cooking new recipes, hiking, and exploring the outdoors while taking pictures. My favorite thing to do is creative crafting and re-purposing things to make something new!







Kitah Alef’s Team: Shalom!

We are the Kitah Alef team: Emma, Tristan and Karen. We love working in the Alef class because the year is full of developmental and physical growth, new experiences and fun! When we are not teaching…. Emma streams as many Pixar movies as she possibly can, Tristan loves to go for hikes in the woods and Karen adventures to Disneyland as often as possible.





Kitah Bet’s Team: Introducing your Kitah Bet teachers! When we are not at the Gan, we all like to pursue our other passions and interests. Amanda likes photography, travel and exploring old cemeteries. Stephanie enjoys gardening and spending time with her cats. Lauren, a fellow cat lover, fancies yoga and looks forward to her Mahjong games. Vanessa is an avid reader and loves a good book!

Lauren (Floater): I love my floater position because I am privileged to really get to know each child and watch them grow and develop during their time here at Gan Avraham. When I am not teaching, I love playing Mahjong, reading, taking long walks with friends, doing yoga, and playing with my cats.





Kitah Gimmel’s Team: Shalom! We are the Kitah Gimmel team – Josh, Maya and Laura!  When not at the Gan, you will find Laura out hiking or gardening… Josh can often be found playing music or doing woodworking projects, and Maya loves doing arts and craft projects and enjoys walking on the beach.





Kitah Kulanu Team: In Hebrew “Kulanu” means “all of us”… and that’s exactly what we are!! Our program runs from 3:30 pm until closing. We recognize the benefit of mixed age play and see it as a way to weave in the Jewish value of L’dor v’dor ~ from generation to generation ~ an opportunity for younger and older children to learn from one another. We also appreciate how unique we all are and how each teacher brings their own style to the program.

Ann is looking forward to her 20th year as a Cal Berkeley football season ticket holder. Go Bears!! Karen loves to read and collects library cards from places she travels to! Vanessa enjoys musicals, and Amanda spends much of her free time dreaming about tropical beaches and ocean memories from her travels.