Kindergym Toddlers with Dawn for Ones and Newly Twos

Dear Loving Families,

Kindergym SignUps are now looking forward to Join Us

With interested NEW families, as well as our ongoing families who enjoy building community together

JOIN US in Winter 2023 for our 40th year!

We resume classes in the first week of January through March 22, 23, 24, 2023

We are on Vacation for February 15, 16 and 17


Our classes are for: OneAdult/OneChild

Climbers, Slides, Rocking Horses, Cozy Coupe Cars, See-Saw, Fire Trucks, Push Cars for beginning walkers, Small Trampoline, Puzzles, Painting Easels, Music, Parachute Play, Singing, Stories and so much more!!

If you have a beginning walker or a runner who is jumping off everything, our Kindergym Toddlers with Dawn for Ones and Newly Twos are for you!!

Join us within our Series for Ages 14 up to 29 months

Children need to be Still Under 30 months by the end of the Winter Series on March 24!

Our Kindergym Sessions are held at 9:40-10:40 and/OR 11-12 on Wednesdays and/OR Thursdays and/OR Fridays for the duration of the Winter Series

You are Welcome to also SignUp for an Additional Session for the extra FUN!

We follow Health and Safety Protocols and update these when necessary.

I will update with new information when it occurs. MORE Important Details are on these NEXT LINKS

We practice respectful caregiving so that each child is welcome to express their feelings while we create a safe, supportive environment.

I hope that you will share our classes with your greater community for Kindergym Toddler Ones and Newly Twos who may wish to join us in our 40th year!!

Please reach out to me to ask all questions you may have at:

Read our reviews on Yelp and Berkeley Parents Network

At Kindergym, we are:

A PLAY program for ALL families of loving beliefs

Filled with play equipment to delight and challenge

Come join us in my 40th year in a very large, well-ventilated room with other families ready to play together and make new friends.

I look forward to playing with your family!!


Dawn Margolin