About Dawn

aboutdawnDawn began teaching these classes while pregnant with her first child 36 years ago. With a Masters in Social Work and a great love of babies and toddlers, Dawn has been instrumental in helping many families with their parenting concerns. Dawn was chosen a 2006 recipient of the Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for Excellence in Jewish Education for her teaching and devotion to work with all families.

Dawn Margolin says her play classes help teach parents and children how to deal with conflict. Many have never been parents before; they read the books, but here they may have some of their very first opportunities to practice what they have studied. The parents often learn as much as the children-how not to overreact to minor skirmishes and how to encourage sharing with plenty of positive reinforcement.

From a recent Kindergym parent:

If you are looking for a wonderful place for your toddler to play and meet other fabulous families…head to Kindergym!  This has been our weekly routine for 9 months now and we are looking forward to signing up again in Fall.  My son loves the plethora of trucks and various climbing structures.  It is a great place for him to explore his independence.  I enjoy meeting other parents and have made some sweet connections (much appreciated from this stay at home mom!).  Dawn, the teacher, is phenomenal.  She is one of the most welcoming, energetic and authentic teachers I have met.  She always makes a point to touch base with each child and parent.  She is also a great sounding board for any parent concerns/questions, as she has seen it all in her years of experience.  On Friday mornings, the playtime ends with a heart warming circle celebrating Shabbat, welcome to all families.  I could go on and on, singing the praises of this fabulous place.  I highly recommend checking out this awesome community with your special little one! -Colleen