Class Schedule

Dear Families,

As the worldwide spread of the coronavirus continues, Temple Beth Abraham is taking precautions and will be closing ALL Kindergym classes as of 3/14 until further notice.

This is only a precautionary measure with the hope to keep us all as healthy as possible. 

There will be NO Sunday PlayDays this weekend, on 3/15, and none are scheduled until further notice as well.

We do hope to reopen during the week of April 22.  I will post here with an update as the time gets closer.

These are difficult decisions but as supported by the ongoing information from the California Department of Public Health, among other government institutions, they make so much sense.

I will miss you!!

Thank you for your understanding and may we all enjoy good health and be together again soon!!


Dawn Margolin,

Kindergym Director


                  OUR SPRING REGISTRATION 

                         NOW OPEN BELOW!


Offering your family:

2 for 1 SIBLING PRICES For ALL classes

Our Toddler MixnMatch Series in a wonderful, large and well-lit space

Filled with play equipment to delight and challenge

Join us at any point for a pro-rated schedule

We are:

A loving community interested in making new friends and practicing respectful parenting


Come to our Toddler MixnMatch Series for a PREVIEW CLASS / $12 cash per family  


Kindergym drop-ins on W/Th from 11:15-12 /$10 cash per family  

NO credit/debit cards      Cash or check only to “Temple Beth Abraham”


Join us in March on Wednesday Afternoons 

NEW DROP-IN Series!! $15 per family/cash only

Kindergym for Older 2s/ Newly 3s/  Younger Siblings

Please contact me for this signup program at: 



To SIGN UP for the Toddler MixnMatch Series:

Read our dates/cost schedule and community rules below

Then bring a check to class or mail it/ email me for more information

Please make your check out to: “Temple Beth Abraham”

And mail it to our office location:

Temple Beth Abraham/Attn Dawn

336 Euclid Ave

Oakland CA 94610

Please add on a enclosed piece of paper when is your mostly likely day to attend ( W/Th/F)and your child/ren’s names and Date of Birth. You are welcome to attend ANY/ALL days I teach!!

Questions? I’d love to answer them:




                       Toddler MixnMatch Series for Winter/Spring 2020

             NEW FAMILIES ONLY: $12 for PREVIEW class from ANY of the dates below!!

                             8 Weeks of Classes (pro-rated each week)






9:30-10:30 and

8 classes/$96

 3/11, 3/18, 3/25

4/22, 4/29

5/6, 5/13, 5/20

NO CLASSES: 4/1, 4/8, 4/15

 8 classes/$96

 3/12, 3/19, 3/26

4/23, 4/30

5/7, 5/14, 5/21

NO CLASSES: 4/2, 4/9, 4/16

 8 classes/$96

 3/13, 3/20, 3/27

4/24, 5/1

5/8, 5/15, 5/22

NO CLASSES: 4/3, 4/10, 4/17

The prices above are Pro-Rated by $12 after each week of classes is over, so that you only pay for future weeks when you sign up!

If you are new to my classes, you may join us for a $12/cash only preview class, after which you will be asked to sign up for the remaining number of weeks (not classes) left in the mixnmatch session. Our monthly Sunday PlayDays can count as well!


Come to ANY and ALL weekday classes (and the posted occasional Sundays too), as often as you wish each week, keeping track of your own attendance. 

Example: If you join us when only 8 weeks are remaining in the W/S 2020 Session =  $12 x 8, which is $108,

your tuition for ANY 8 Toddler classes you wish to attend through the very last date in this session. 

When you’ve already come 8 times over the session, you’ll then pay:

$12 per class drop-in fee for any additional classes in this session that you wish to attend.

Enjoy the flexibility!!

Unused classes do not carry over to the next session.


Kindergym $10 per family Drop-In Class meeting times:

Wednesdays 11:15am-12pm drop-ins

Thursdays 11:15am-12pm drop-ins

For Kindergym dates, please see the Wednesday and Thursday dates listed above

Please read comparative details of both the Kindergym and Toddler classes on the Class Info page

Notes for Kindergym Drop-Ins for Under 3s:

$10 / class per family ($5 after attending a morning Toddler class on the same day)



Caring for Each Other: Dear Parents, Our classes are only as wonderful as they are safe, in both the physical and emotional sense. In order for that to happen, I ask that every adult bringing their Under 3 little ones be actively observing them as they climb and as they learn to share toys. All of us want to make new friends. To best enjoy our great space and the others in it, I ask that you remember to stay close by to your child, not be distracted with cellphone use and experience the pleasure of being part of this humming, exciting and connecting class!

CELLPHONES: Please come prepared to have a great time with your child; cellphone use makes this less likely and distracts from your involvement in the safety of your child, so we do not bring out cellphones during class time! We appreciate your loving, involved presence!!

REFUND POLICY:  Classes paid for after the initial $12 trial Toddler class are not refundable, but you may give them to another interested family with Under 3s after contacting me in writing at All Toddler and Kindergym classes must be used in the same session in which they are bought and do not carry over to a subsequent session.

NUT ALLERGIES AND OUTSIDE FOOD: We are a caring community and concerned for everyone’s safety. Please do not bring outside food into class, as it may contain allergens dangerous to some. You may want to feed your child something right before coming to class.

All families in the Toddler mixnmatch series take turns once over the session in bringing tiny cups and graham crackers on a Wednesday or Thursday, or challahs on Fridays.

FOOTWEAR: Please come prepared to take off your child’s shoes and socks and your shoes too. This means safer play and better balance!

ILLNESS: Children with coughs, fevers, and runny noses through 5 days from onset should not attend class until they are well and families will be asked to leave-kindly- if they are clearly ill.

Adults must have the flu shot before flu season. Children must be vaccinated as per the schedule required by their pediatrician.

POTTY LEARNING: Since this is a process that evolves over time, children are encouraged to listen to their own rhythms. However, as a safety and cleanliness concern, your Under 3s in underwear should be brought to the bathroom to “try” when they arrive and be monitored by their carers/parents for signs of need to revisit the toilet during class. PLEASE alert me if your child is potty learning and in underwear when you come into class!! Our ballpit in particular is not a place for a child in underwear who has not been to the toilet recently, since we will need to shut it down if an accident occurs there. Many thanks for your positive support!!

OLDER SIBLINGS: I wish we could accommodate older kids but it isn’t feasible to say yes to one family and not others and the older children often don’t mix well with the little ones. I am sorry. If that means you aren’t able to attend one week, you can do a make-up later in the same session by coming additionally to any of the other classes I teach.

**BABIES UNDER 9 months who are not yet crawling nor scooting are FREE at the second morning classes!

Upon their turning 9 months, families pay $10 per Kindergym dropin or $12 per Toddler class.  Babies under 1 year who are not yet walking may join us at Toddler classes as $12 dropins. Upon turning age 1, all Toddler class attendees need to sign up for the remaining dates in the session. All class tuition is per family with Under 3s, not per child/adults.**

Please read more about both the Kindergym and Toddler classes on the Class Info page.