Tichon Bet Avraham

Jewish Education at TBA doesn’t end with a B’nai Mitzvah ceremony and a party.  Learning is a life long endeavor and we continue our teen program with Tichon Bet Avraham for our 8th through 10th graders.

Our 8th graders explore their heritage, their coming to America stories and the similar stories of Jewish immigrants from the relatively recent past.

Our 9th graders fill in some of the gaps in their knowledge of Jewish history from the end of the Torah to the present time through in class research, learning from each other, and topic-driven discussions.

Our 10th grade Confirmation students explore topics of relevance with Rabbi Bloom that they were too young to explore in religious school, including Jewish learning on abortion, incest, and gender identity, among others.

This year all three classes will start in October with the 8th graders learning together for 6 sessions, the 9th graders for 10 sessions and the 10th graders for 12 sessions.  All sessions meet on Wednesday evenings and include pizza dinner.  All conclude in time for our teens to attend the weekly Wednesday night BBYO meetings.


To register, click on this link.  You do not need to be a member of TBA to join any of these classes* or our BBYO boys or girls chapters.

Questions:  email susan@tbaoakland.org for more information.

*Additional fee for non-members attending Tichon classes.