TBA has three main fundraisers every year:

Mishloah Manot-Purim Celebration

One of the many mitzvot for the holiday of Purim is “c Manot,” or the sending of gifts of food to friends. Gan Avraham Parents (GAP) and Parents of Bet Sefer (PBS) look forward to our seventh annual Mishloah Manot fund-raiser this spring. All congregants will have the opportunity to honor fellow Temple Beth Abraham members by sending them a fun, tasty Purim basket, laden with sweet treats. Profits from this fund-raiser benefit the nursery and religious schools, and a portion of the proceeds are sent to Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger. Start thinking now about whom you’d like to honor with this delicious mitzvah!

Gala Gourmet-Spice up your Winter

Coordinated by a TBA team. Held in our Social Hall, we are transformed to the theme of the evening thru food and entertainment.  Always a fun reason to dress up! 

TBA Schools Auction-Springtime Celebration

Coordinated by a TBA team, this event raises funds for our preschool, Gan Avraham and the hebrew school, Bet Sefer.  This auction is a fun gathering with many wonderful purchasing opportunities and socializing. The funds are used for scholarships and to supplement the commitment of the general budget to these two educational programs.  There is a section of the evening dedicated to raising funds for specific needs of each program.



Challah Sales

GAP (Gan Avraham Parents) goes to the bakery so you don’t have to! To support programming at Gan Avraham and to enhance participants’ Shabbat spirituality in the home, Gan Avraham Parents sells delicious challah, coffee cake, and other goodies from Grand Bakery (plus Shabbat candles) at the nursery school every Friday morning. The cost for one fresh, kosher, poppy, sesame or plain challah (and a pair of Shabbat candles) delivered to the synagogue each Friday is $3.85 per week. 

Siddur Donations

To donate a siddur or chumash to Temple Beth Abraham in honor or in memory, or to celebrate a simcha, call the Temple Beth Abraham office (510) 832-0936 to arrange. 

Donate Your Car To TBA

You’ve probably heard the ads on the radio asking you to donate your car to one worthy cause or another. It is in fact a great idea, netting you a mitzvah and a tax deduction at the same time that it saves you the hassle of disposing of the vehicle on the open market. But the really good news is that TBA is now set up to facilitate, and become the beneficiary of, your car donation.
Why do so many people donate their old vehicles instead of selling or trading them in? Because they want to do a mitzvah, certainly, but also because they realize how little it may actually cost them to do it. You may trade in your car when you buy a new one, but unless it is a late model car, the trade-in value (based on dealer wholesale prices) may be very low. Same story if you just drive in to a used-car dealer and ask him how much he’ll give you for it. On the other hand, you can try to sell it yourself for the retail value, but oy!, the hassle. Arranging for and paying for advertising, fielding all the phone calls, setting up time and again to meet strangers at your home to show and road-test the car, continuing to pay insurance and license fees until it sells, getting a new smog, negotiating the price, dealing with the transaction’s cash and paperwork, and praying afterwards that there wasn’t some unknown incipient problem with the vehicle that will end up causing the buyer distress. Whereas if you donate the vehicle to charity, everything is simple. One phone call, and a tow truck will come to your house, you sign over the papers, and you get a  tax deduction for the full value of the sell price of your car.  A receipt is mailed to you after the sale.

If you have a car which you’d like to donate to TBA, please call Volunteers of America -Auto Donations Division – 1-877 721-4862. You should specify that your donation goes to TBA and they will give you instructions on how to proceed (TBA has a contract with Volunteers of America). All you will need is: location of the car for pick-up, title papers, and the vehicle identification number.  

TBA Cookbook

Come and get it! If you haven’t already, be sure to purchase TBA’s new cookbook,

Everyday to Holidays: Favorite Recipes from Temple Beth Abraham

Available for $25, this TBA treasure was produced in collaboration with the Sisterhood and Men’s Club and features nearly 250 recipes plus descriptions of major Jewish holidays and a special A-Z Lunchbox List. To purchase, stop by the temple office between 9 am – 4 pm (M-Th) or 9 am – 1 pm (F).


The easiest way to raise funds: Earn money for TBA without any extra effort or expense to you. Just sign up for our eScrip program and when you register your Safeway Club Card and/or your credit card, a percentage of your purchases will be rebated to TBA. You may register one or several cards. Once you are registered, there’s nothing more to do but shop as you usually do! More details about the program are on the site; if you have additional questions, contact the TBA office and ask to speak to the eScrip coordinator.

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Support TBA while you shop at! will rebate to TBA 2-15% of your purchases every time you shop any of their stores, provided you use our links to enter the Amazon site.

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Earn money for TBA with each websearch! It’s simple: Click the button below to go to Enter Temple Beth Abraham as your charity, click Verify and choose Oakland, CA.

 Tree of Life

The Temple Beth Abraham Tree of Life is a wonderful way to honor someone or mark a great occasion or life event. Each leaf, specially engraved with your message, is $90. Please call the synagogue office for more information or to order a leaf.

Thanks from all of the TBA community for thinking of us!