Start your bidding…then Come together as a TBA community “Lemons to Lemonana!-Virtual Zoom Fundraiser May 31st 7:30pm -8:30pm

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Temple Beth Abraham is coming together for our annual Auction: No tickets required!

Sunday, May 31st 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Zoom opens at 7:15 to schmooze with friends and admire overgrown hair
See details and updates of our online event at: 

Food!  TBA caterer Aliza Grayevsky Somekh is crafting delicious appetizer boxes to enhance your evening for pick-up at TBA from 3-5 pm the day of the event. Moroccan Frana bread, pesto with feta, olive tapenade, Egyptian spice mix, and chef-selected cheeses are among the delicious options. These can be ordered through the auction website by Monday, May 25th, by clicking on the regular box or the large box links.

Lemonana!  A signature lemon and mint cocktail crafted by Aliza will be available for pickup in bottles along with the food boxes! Comes in regular and large sizes. Please order by Monday, May 25th.

Online Bidding! The site is live:

Costume Contest!  Yes, you read that correctly!  Post your best ‘Black Tie on Top and Casual on bottom’ photos to our TBA Facebook page (request to join the page if you haven’t already!) by 7:15 pm the night of the event.  The winner gets dessert handdelivered! 

We will be celebrating the many wonderful parts of the TBA community that make us a family. Also, we’ll be honoring several important members of our schools and shul who are moving on after this year.  Tune into the auction to see friendly faces celebrating together. Plus, there will be a surprise guest appearance! More hints to follow.

Even with physical social distancing, we can come together as one community! We hope to see you all there.

Kelsi Perttula

2020 Auction Chair